I’m A Newb part 2 ( or: the post when I tell you all about me, fun.)

Hi, its me, Sues!

Here are a few regular things about me:

Family: I have 6 sisters and one brother. Thats eight children counting myself. If we had one more kid I would end up in the middle of the bunch. Our Grandma also lives with us, so thats 11 in the household. It is always very cozy.

School : I’m a senior in High School, and I can’t wait to be finished. Well, finishing actually seems a bit scary, but I’m working through it. There are lots of things I would like to pursue and study in college. Most of my dream careers include journaling/article writing and photography.

Things that I love:




*Taking Pictures

*Crafting ANYTHING! (From sewing to scapbooking I love it all)

*Sports (though I stink at most of them)

*Playing my beautiful piano

*Drawing/ Painting

*Biking with friends


I absalutely PROMISE to not post again until I get some pictures, and eventually, my post will quit being so introductory.

Thanks for reading, loves!



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